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Why You Should Choose Our School?

  • Education is based on students’ horoscopes
  • An opportunity to study from any part of the world
  • All presentations and videos stay with you forever
  • An individual training schedule
  • A possibility to choose a proper course
  • More than 8 years experience
  • Individual attention and support for every student
  • Simplicity in material supply, an accurate structure of knowledge
  • The Certificate about passing the Course
  • Creative and interesting exam

When astrology is necessary?

You Wish to predict events precisely and successfully

You Would like to reveal your abilities and talents by 100%

You want to give birth and raise happy children

You Dream about happy and harmonious family

You can’t make sense of your horoscope on your own

You are frightened by the ominous predictions of other astrologers

You Feel that you are ready to global changes

You are out of your comfort zone and is really weighing on you

You are aimed to reveal yourself in career and financial achievements

Our Astrology Courses

Astrology for Beginners

Predictive Astrology
(Jaimini Chara Dasha) (level 1)

Professional predictions

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Our school is the only one which learns on students’ horoscopes

Our students achieve 83% of correct predictions in 9 months after the beginning of studying. It's phenomenal!

99% of delayed plans will not realized

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What is the way of studying?

Classes take 2 hours. This time is optimal to assimilate the information

Classes are held in the evening or on weekends

It’s possible for you to learn at home online or by video records

After the lessons all the students receive video records for watching lessons again

Every student become a participant of the closed group on Facebook

After each class we create post on Facebook page for you to ask questions relating to the lecture

Theory is presented in an accurate structure of knowledge

You can see other students’ horoscopes and gain experience of correlation of the particular person and his natal chart

You have got support of curator on technical issues

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