Astrologist Tati Ashvini

Accurate predictions are my priority!

Why me?

  • The ability to see your life from a birds-eye view.
  • You will receive a full prognosis for your situation.
  • You will be able to reread this written report even 50 years from now. You won’t forget or lose any information.
  • Specifics on your destiny, dates, number of children and marriages, etc.
  • Karmic debts, spiritual tasks, the purpose of life.
  • Length of life (optional - for the most courageous and spiritually advanced).
  • The ups and downs and personal predictions.
  • I have plenty of open to the public prognoses for the countries, politicians and celebrities, that already came true.

One needs the astrology when

You want to predict events precisely and accurately

You would like to reveal your talents and abilities all out

You plan childbirth and want to raise happy children

You dream about a happy and harmonious family

You can’t make sense of your own horoscope

You are frightened by other astrologers ominous predictions

You feel you are ready for big changes in life

You are out of your comfort zone and it drags you down

You aim to achieve a successful career and grow your finances


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