Childbirth Horoscope

Both partners Natal Charts’ analysis on childbirth issues, IVF, pregnancy periods. A written PDF file (4-5 pages). For those who can’t wait for a pregnancy test positive result! Essential for people panning IFV, ICSI and etc.

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What’s included in the childbirth horoscope?

Horoscope for both a man and a woman

We will analyze both partners’ fertility potential, ability to conceive and bear (for women), indications for the children’s health.

Childbirth prognosis

We will make a childbirth prognosis for your family with exact time intervals. We will see the beginning and the end of delays.

Exact time for a conception and IVF

We will calculate timeframes for the maximum possibility pregnancy days, those timeframes would be ideal for IVF, ICSI and other procedures.

More about the astrologist

Tati Ashvini

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Why me?

  • The ability to see your life from a birds-eye view.
  • You will receive a full prognosis for your situation.
  • You will be able to reread this written report even 50 years from now. You won’t forget or lose any information.
  • Specifics on your destiny, dates, number of children and marriages, etc.
  • Karmic debts, spiritual tasks, the purpose of life.
  • Length of life (optional - for the most courageous and spiritually advanced).
  • The ups and downs and personal predictions.
  • I have plenty of open to the public prognoses for the countries, politicians and celebrities, that already came true.

Why getting Childbirth Horoscope is worth it:

1. You don’t have to doubt on your choice of a partner so you can calmly wait for your Perception of your future pregnancy prospects and if there are any precautions

2. You will get the answer whether IVF, ICSI investments are definitely beneficial.

3. How many pregnancies, what periods, and how successful.

4. A possibility of infertility in the horoscope.

5. Understanding when the chance of having a child is the highest.

6. Find out your periods for childbirth, IVF, and natural conception, so you can calmly wait for your pregnancy. Improve the chances of IVF and other costly procedures being effective. Know the timing of pregnancy in your destiny and do not miss this moment.

Pregnancy differs from all other events in the fate - a woman can manage the birth of children by knowing in advance the periods for pregnancy and using certain means. Pregnancy can be easily “exchanged” for school or a new career.

You will get from Childbirth horoscope:

- Parenthood prognosis: when it happens, exact periods for you and your partner (sometimes one partners’ karma corrects the karma of the other partner).

- Selection of auspicious periods for conception (exact dates).

- What kind of parents will you both be?

- Need for IVF: yes or no.

- Real infertility: yes or no.

- Threat of miscarriage: yes or no.

- Use your own or donor material.

- Male factor: can your husband have a child?

- Is the right clinic/doctor selected?

- Childbirth horoscope analysis for both partners.

Prepare the information of both partner's birthdays – the date, the time, the location. Precise information for both partners would be ideal.

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