Natal Chart (in writing)

This is a complete written analysis of your life’s destiny. It covers your health, love life, marriage, work, happiness, relocation, children, etc.
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P.S. If you do not know the exact time of birth, use "Birth Time Rectification " service.

Price: 295 USD


What’s included in the Natal Chart?

No additional services needed:

Complete written report: you won’t need further explanations and transcripts.

Predictions for you:

Predictions for the next 5 years for all major areas and aspects of life, indicating the time intervals for their achievements.

Talents, destiny, goals

A huge amount of information about your gifts, goals, purpose and karma of your life , even your relatives and friends.

More about the astrologist

Tati Ashvini

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Why me?

  • The ability to see your life from a birds-eye view.
  • You will receive a full prognosis for your situation.
  • You will be able to reread this written report even 50 years from now. You won’t forget or lose any information.
  • Specifics on your destiny, dates, number of children and marriages, etc.
  • Karmic debts, spiritual tasks, the purpose of life.
  • Length of life (optional - for the most courageous and spiritually advanced).
  • The ups and downs and personal predictions.
  • I have plenty of open to the public prognoses for the countries, politicians and celebrities, that already came true.

This is the most comprehensive analysis I can do for you as the astrologist - by looking at your future life and the influence of the planets in your horoscope. You should order a Natal chart if you want to see your life from the birds-eye view. It is especially cool that it is compiled written in PDF - file format.
It can make a great gift, you can print it and make it as a book. You will reread it for many years to come and, perhaps, your children and grandchildren will too.

What information will you get from the Natal chart:
- Detailed predictions for the next 5 years for all the major areas and aspects of life (love and marriage, children, finances, work/career, housing, travel, health, relatives, etc.)
- General points of destiny until the end of your life.
- What each planet brings in your horoscope and what results should be expected from it.
- Predictions for specific situations that bother you (if you have any).
- Description of your character.
- Spiritual goals and unconscious needs.
- Karmic debts.
- Areas of your talents and abilities.
- Best professional field for you.
- Is your current job destined for you?
- Which periods of your life are the most successful for your career.
- Your potentials for a happy marriage.
- Lessons in the marriage.
- Number of marriages.
- What type of man/woman fits best for you.
- Your karma in the parenthood, when such events will happen.
- What kind of a parent you are.
- Health: what types of chronic illness you might have susceptibility.
- Which illnesses are dangerous, which are not.
- Where to scale back from indulgences to have good health.
- Which periods of life will bring you a threat for your health and, the most important, which illnesses you should be aware of.
- Your financial potential and what field of work will give you maximum success.
- What should you do to improve results in love life, career, finances, health?
- Your character and what causes certain events in your life.
- Strong and weak planets in your horoscope, your protectors, and specifically how you should plan the major life events.
- Length of your life (you need to request this information in the form if you want to know).
- The unconscious pattern which makes you act certain way in most situations in your life.
Discover the horizons of achievements that are founded in your destiny! Get the clarity of the events for the next 5 years to get a chance to live them with the most success. By knowing good prospects of the areas in your life you can prioritize them.
You can see everything that holds you back, and you will understand where to move forward and where to wait for a little. Therefore you can change your life for the better...
See your life from the birds-eye view!

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