The astrology chart of Italy

The sun, delicious cuisine, ancient murals directly on the walls of the street buildings. The atmosphere of antiquity and some languid relaxation. All this about beautiful Italy! But what does the astrology chart say about this country?


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The astrology chart of Russia


Let's talk about Mother Russia and her long-suffering astrology chart. Why is it prone to the reign of one person, and not to democracy? In the 10th house of power is Jupiter, a natural indicator of the king, unchanging. Although ... let's look at all the areas in order.

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Leader's assassination


How do you think is it possible to find out the fate by stars not only for the person, but also for the state? I know exactly that it is possible.

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The astrology chart of the United Kingdom


The British got really lucky with Jupiter. In the nakshatra of Pushya, amazing in its fertility and richness, whose symbol is the cow udder, oozing with milk. This Jupiter is in the house of the wealth of the people, and the parliament. This provides the British with solid political power and all the conditions for the country's prosperity.

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Death in the Natal Chart


Many astrologers avoid the prediction of death, because in order to predict death, you need to have a good understanding of astrology. It is important to be able to correctly interpret the position of the planets in dynamics rather than statics. It is also important to look at the positions of the planets from a bird's eye view, otherwise you will see death in the same horoscope almost every year.

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Pregnancy in the Natal Chart and how to predict it


How to see pregnancy in the horoscope (successful pregnancy, failed pregnancy, childbirth).

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The astrology chart of Germany and the coming storm


Once there comes the difficult period at each country . Germany is not an exception.

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