3 Years Horoscope

Your horoscope’s analysis by the astrologer Tati Ashvini with the prognosis on 1 or 2 spheres of your life. Get predictions for 2-3 years and learn how your situation is resolved!

A written PDF file.
2-3 years is an optimal time for predictions – the accuracy is the most certain and gives us enough time to see the future.

P.S. If the exact birth time is unknown, you need to use “Birth Time Rectification” service.
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What’s included in the 3-years horoscope?

A sphere’s potential and a destiny’s pattern

An analysis of your abilities in 2 spheres in life. What’s on the agenda in those fields according to your horoscope?

3 Years Prognosis

3 years prognosis or predictions for a “final victory” – such as pregnancy, a big purchase/sale or a marriage.

Answers to complicated questions

Answers to all your questions and difficult situations in these matters. Make sure you send all your questions PRIOR the execution of the service. Write all of your questions in the form.

More about the astrologist

Tati Ashvini

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Why me?

  • The ability to see your life from a birds-eye view.
  • You will receive a full prognosis for your situation.
  • You will be able to reread this written report even 50 years from now. You won’t forget or lose any information.
  • Specifics on your destiny, dates, number of children and marriages, etc.
  • Karmic debts, spiritual tasks, the purpose of life.
  • Length of life (optional - for the most courageous and spiritually advanced).
  • The ups and downs and personal predictions.
  • I have plenty of open to the public prognoses for the countries, politicians and celebrities, that already came true.

2-3 Years Horoscope - elaboration of the specific issues in your life and prognosis for the nearest future.

This service is an analysis of 2-3 spheres in your life. Such as:

- Marriage and relationships, aspects for a happy personal life.

- Childbirth.

- Change of a job or a career, your abilities, and talents.

- Real estate and property sales/purchases

- Relocation to a different town/county

- Legal matters and prospects of a conflict resolution.

- Concerns about relatives and friends.

- Health and its outlook.

- Business matters.

And etc.

Attention! Childbirth issues - if there are serious troubles (miscarriages, no pregnancy for more than 3 years, IVF, and surgeries), use this service. It takes a more complex analysis of a husband’s and a wife’s Horoscope.

The more detailed you are in the description of the situation – the more precise and accurate your horoscope would be.

A PDF file consists of final conclusions in a simple language. There are no further explanations needed in 99.9% of the cases.

If you want to see your destiny from a birds-eye view, learn about 5 years prognosis and get the complete Natal Chart - click here.

But if the nearest future predictions and tips are enough, then this Horoscope works perfectly for you.

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