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My astrology Consultations and Natal charts include astrological predictions of the future events in the main spheres of life, finding solutions in different client’s situations. For example: how to improve relationships within spouses/couples, how to find the type of work that satisfies you. We can find out when you’ll get married, how to start a business and when it’s better to do, when to decide to move, when you will be able to become a parent, etc. There are clients for whom one astrological consultation kept their marriage together, a half of property and business. Others have started the relationship and were right, have found favourite business and have raised living standards to new heights… Do not hesitate to contact us!

Astrological Consultation with Tati Ashvini all over the world!

Tati Ashvini says,"I always keep my focus on the accuracy of astrology forecasts and predictions. This is my priority!"

Astrologer Consultation

60 minutes Skyping with Tati Ashvini

95 USD

85 EUR

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Astrologer Consultation

60 minutes Skyping with Tati Ashvini

Astrologer Consultation helps you to find a way out "here and now". Also it gives you an increased charge of energy to move towards achieving your goals, finding out talents, the purpose of life and awareness of the idea that you've got a new future ahead of you.

And besides, if you are in the stalemate or if you are in an unfavorable position, you hesitate what to choose and how to act – Astrology Consultation is aimed to help you.

During the Consultation we shall:

- discuss problematic issues and provide recommendations for their resolution,

- make the action plan for a way out of these situations,

- make out the opposite side of the conflict/situation and your involvement in this conflict, that will help you not to repeat the mistakes of the past,

- put aims, figure out your priorities and guidance for actions,

- destroy negative beliefs, that do not allow you to be successful in a problem sphere of life.

Moreover you will get:

Analysis of the main spheres of your personality (personality strength, talents, shortcomings, career, health, marriage, children).

Predictions for the main areas of life concerning the theme of the Consultation covering 4-5 years ahead: marriage and children, career, compatibility of partners, property, health, travelling and so on.

You should make the list of particular situations/requests, that trouble you, prevent you to develop now, take away energy or worry you, etc. before you schedule a counseling session.

P.S. It can sometimes take several consultations in order to resolve all the problems. We reserve the right to warn you before the consultation what situations we can discuss, and which of them will have to be postponed. It’s really necessary for you to write in the application form WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO YOU.

You will be charged for the extra time: 15 minutes – 20 USD / 17 EUR

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Natal Chart

Work is performed in written form. Does not demand interpretation and additional consultations.

215 USD

195 EUR

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Natal Chart

Work is performed in written form. Does not demand interpretation and additional consultations.

You will climb the ladder of success faster and achieve better living standards because of discovering new prospects of achievements, that are formed by your destiny. You shall understand what you will be facing in the next 5 years and you will get advice how to live them as successful as possible. You will place priorities and set new goals.

You’ll find everything that is holding you back, transform these blocks into motivating beliefs. All these will help to change your way of life for a better one!

What will you learn from the natal chart:

- the key stages of future events,

- spiritual challenge,

- karmic mission of a soul,

- your strengths and the qualities that will always help you,

- the best area of work, awareness whether you work on purpose,

- your potential to a happy family life,

- what is your lesson in marriage, whether it will be one or several, what kind of partners you will attract for marriage,

- what is your karma of motherhood/parenthood, when these events will take place,

- what is your financial potential, the ways how to achieve its maximum,

- how to improve the results in love, career, finance, health,

- your traits of character and the causes of what is occurring now,

- strong and weak planets in a horoscope, which planets are favorable to you, and possessing this information how to plan a week,

- life expectancy (at your request),

- your purpose in life over the next 5 years,

- astrological predictions for the next 5 years for main areas of life (love and marriage, children, money, career/business, real estate, trips, health, close people)

You’ll know the future consequences of your actions and beliefs. You’ll broaden your horizons for self-development for the next years, determine the amount of work…

Look at the destiny from height of the bird's flight!

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Child Birth Consultation

60 minutes Skyping with Tati Ashvini

110 USD

100 EUR

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Child Birth Consultation

60 minutes Skyping with Tati Ashvini

Find out periods for having children, IVF or natural conception. Calmly wait for the pregnancy. Improve the chances of efficiency of IVF and other expensive procedures. You’ll know the timing of pregnancy, but, please, do not miss this moments.

Pregnancy differs from other events of the person's destiny because the woman can regulate the birth of children, foreknowing the periods of pregnancy by various means. It is easy to "trade" a pregnancy for studies or a new wave in career.

During Child and Pregnancy Consultation you will get:

- the probability of parenthood: when it happens, the concrete periods,

- the selection of favourable periods of conception (the specific dates!) for 1,5 years or until concrete results are achieved (if the pregnancy is later than the next 1,5 years).

- any karmic reasons of delayed birth,

- a child's destiny in general,

- necessity of IVF: to have it or not,

- infertility: true of false,

- threat not to bear a child: real or not,

- it’s better to use your material or donor’s,

- partner's factor: if he/she could have a baby,

- whether the hospital/doctor is chosen correctly,

- analysis of yours and your partner's natal charts.

Prepare birth data (day, month, year; time of birth and place of birth). Perfectly to have the data sets for both partners.

You will be charged for the extra time: 15 minutes – 20 USD/ 17 EUR.

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Solar Return Chart Consultation

Written for 12 months from the date of the order

105 USD

95 EUR

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Solar Return Chart Consultation

Written for 12 months from the date of the order

Drawing up an individual personal horoscope for 12 months is ideal for those who know that the year ahead will be an active one. You plan travelling, marriage or divorce, changing jobs, large purchases and other events which change EVERYTHING!

Personal horoscope for the coming year::

- allow you not to make mistakes and not to act blindly!

- will increase your efficiency and will save save time and efforts!

- will give confidence of tomorrow and will warn about when it is necessary to take care of yourself.

Solar Return Chart Consultation allows you to make sensible plan of action for the coming year and includes:

- forecasts for 12 months from order date on the main areas of your life: health, love, children, work, travel, leisure, relatives;

- recommendations for harmonizing the coming year;

- successful and unsuccessful days during the next year;

- forecasts in response to specific clients’ requests/particular situation.

Attention: you should fill in the forms in details while ordering. Thanks to that the astrologer will be able to understand the changes of planetary position in accordance with the particular situation.

Work is performed in written form. You can order it at any time of the year. Draw up for 12 months from the date of the order (you can change the date).

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Horoscope Compatibility

Consultation about compatibility in love, business, etc

95 USD

85 EUR

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Horoscope Compatibility

Consultation about compatibility in love, business, etc

Compatibility between partners is required in order to see them from the side and to improve them, and to understand whether there’s a chance of a happy future, forming a family and having children.

The individual compatibility horoscope includes the following:

- love and marriage predictions, forecasts about children for the next 5 years for both partners’ horoscopes,

- the description of the nature, your karmic lessons in marriage,

- themes for confrontations between partners, recommendations to address those gaps, /p>

- contribution to the common property,

- fertility,

- financial capability of partners,

- physical compatibility,

- sexual compatibility,

- the duration of marriage,

- children

- well-being within spouses/couples,

- existence of certain obstacles to marriage,

- the prospects of marriage,

- worldview compatibility and much more.

After drawing up the horoscope compatibility, you get an idea what kind of person next to you, what is his/her strengths and weaknesses, you can correct your contribution to the relationship.

Compatibility horoscope can be done not only for love relationships. You can find out your compatibility with business partners, friends, your children, important acquaintances and any other people who play a significant role in your life.

You will find out which partners are perfect for you and how to recognize such a person in your environment, receive recommendations from an astrologer how to harmonize relations within the couple, and what you need to do in order to be in agreement with this person.

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Business Astrology Consultation

The duration of consultation - 1,5 hours.

135 USD

120 EUR

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Business Astrology Consultation

The duration of consultation - 1,5 hours.

Business Horoscope – is a very powerful tool, by which you are able to take your business to another level, to make appropriate arrangements, to act in a more effective way in accordance with the blessing of planets, to select right partners and staff members, to know in advance, when life can throw you a curveball, and you just got to embrace it. Business Astrology Consultation is helpful when you need to:

- find out the best time for growth and development;

- realize the weak points of the company, that can cause unnecessary suffering;

- define the strategic direction of the company, where it’s better to search for potential buyers;

- understand whether the authorities will support the company’s activities and will not interfere in the company business or not;

- appreciate information how accounts department and all staff members will work in your absence;

- learn how much profit you will get from your business, from where the funds will come from;

- know how to find good business partners;

- consider how to position the company most profitably;

- decide when it’s better to sell the business or to go out of business with profit;

- comprehend should you take credit and when the perfect time;

- foresee, how to use the unencumbered funds;

- resolve should you recruit an unfamiliar person to senior posts;

- get predictions and recommendation for decision of the appeared questions/business problems.

To order Business Astrology Consultation you should know:

- date of birth, time of birth, the place of birth of the Head of the company;

- date of authorization/ obtaining the document/ your ascension to the position or other key document.

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Child Natal Chart

Total horoscope + predictions up to 18 years old

190 USD

175 EUR

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Child Natal Chart

Total horoscope + predictions up to 18 years old

Child Natal Chart is intended to help parents to know the strong and weak periods in advance, meet them fully armed, and also to choose the right direction for the child’s development in order to amplify his best qualities in time. You can correct the shortcomings and improve the whole child’s fate.

1. The first part of natal chart examines:

- talents and spheres for development by periods before the age of 18;

- the weaknesses of character and the ways of harmonizing;

- marriage and children, karmic lesson in marriage;

- career and financial capacity;

- karmic mission of a soul;,

- health and other.

2. The second part of natal chart reveals:

- the current period of child's life and future stages of life in details , predictions;

- description of the important periods of life before 18, explanation what to develop in this or that period, what knowledge will be helpful;

- receiving forecasts for the future until 18 turns;

- getting tips how to spend periods as efficiently as possibleand cost-effective manner without any upheaval.

Child Natal Chart is issued like a nice PDF-document, which you can print out, keep and reread when it is necessary.

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Relocation Chart

Written horoscope + world map

65 USD

60 EUR

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Relocation Chart

Written horoscope + world map

Relocation chart will be helpful if you want to find the perfect place for:

- vacation and travel,

- relocation and emigration,

- start and expand your business,

- recovery, treatment, etc.

Consultation includes:

1. a world map with favorable regions and unfavorable,

2. a brief analysis of 5 cities for living or traveling,

3. selection of 3 best places (countries, cities, regions) on the map, which you definitely need to visit!

Your individual chart will stay with you for the rest of your life, and you will be able to plan your trips on it for many years!

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Horary Astrology Consultation

Forecast and analysis of specific situation

15 US

13 €

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Horary Astrology Consultation

Forecast and analysis of specific situation

Now you can order a Horary Astrology Consultation in order to find answers to the burning questions to the professional astrologer. The consultation includes analysis and forecast. Executed in writing.

Should I…?

Does he love me…?

Will we marry…?

Should I buy it…?

Will I get …?

Will I be able…?

Should I …?

And so on.

If you have a question that's been bugging you for a long time, you can clarify the answer with my help from the stars.

Horary Astrology answers questions by using the time of birth of a question. Besides the question must be correctly formulated.

Therefore, you need to:

1. Give careful consideration of the question, formulate the question.

2. To leave the application on the website. To receive the response letter from the administrator.

3. Make a payment and to report about it to the administrator.

4. To expect the letter with the answer to the question.

We wait for your questions!

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Choosing the Date

The date for the event + forecast!

50 USD

45 EUR

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Choosing the Date

The date for the event + forecast!

The service "Choosing the date" allows you to determine the best day and time for:

- marriage registration;

- buying or selling real estate, car, etc .;

- moving;

- the beginning of the journey;

- the beginning of construction;

- applying for a job;

- the appointment of surgery and much more.

You get the main date and time period up to minutes for the best start. Astrological description of the day. Also - a spare date and a gap to start a business. And the favorable forecast of the planned event and recommendations. It is performed in writing.

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An Astrologer, a Teacher, a Researcher

Tati Ashvini is an astrologer, a teacher, a follower of the Indian school of astrology by Dr. K.N. Rao, regularly studying new Indian methods of predictions and prognosis. The founder of Astrology School "Ashvini" - teaching astrology all over the world with the focus on prognostic methods. You can find out more about astrology courses in our school from the menu on the home-page in the Courses section.

Tati Ashvini is an astrologer, a frequent guest of different programs on radio stations and television channels on astrological topics. The author of the book "Pregnancy Astrology. Prediction of pregnancy according to the woman's horoscope." Her profile is public predictions for countries and politicians, forecasting events of private life, marriage and childbirth issues, solving psychological issues, mission and destiny, relocation, choice of profession, etc.

Accurate forecasts and professionalism is my priority!

You get specific predictions when:

  • you get married and have a child;
  • you get married and have a child;
  • you start studies or begin a new round in life;
  • you move, and so on.

Moreover during astrological consultation you will know:

  • what karmic blocks prevent you from developing;
  • how to harmonize your fate and life;
  • how to reveal talents and build relationships with people closest to you;
  • how to overcome crises in your life.

You can find out the best area for work, a favorable date for a wedding, shopping, operations; love compatibility and other answers that you concern. I consult people Skyping all over the world, so the prices for consultations are indicated in various currencies. Contact us!

Astrology School Ashvini

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