The astrology chart of China

Hello everyone! Let’s do an analysis of the astrology chart of China and predictions for it over several years.


What is interesting that from September 25, 2019 in the fate of China begins a new big period of Mercury, and it would be wondering to see how successful it will be.

The first obvious thing is Moon and Venus, standing in kendras.
Moon in the 1st house of the people is a favorable sign that gives prosperity and a quiet life to the Chinese. The moon is growing, which will also favorably affect the fate of the people.

the astrology chart of China d1

2020-2023 - the peak of Sade-Sati in China, in the first house on Ashtakavarga there are only 27 bindu, and this means that the period will be problematic.

I also want to note that the last solar eclipse was in the 6th house of conflicts and accidents of the country, which sets the background for the next 1-2 years.

In January 2020, in the first house of China there will be a union of Jupiter and Saturn, which indicates the problem of the current Sade-Sati period and turbulence in the life of the country.

The Nakshatra of the Ascendant - Shravana. It is a constellation that provides practicality, frugality, learning ability and hard work. The Nakshatra of the Ascendant shows the mood of the nation, its essence, the central idea. The central idea in this case can be called building a career, achieving social success, respect through work, practicality, training and the ability to hear a partner. The moon in the ascendant gives care to the people of China.

However, there is a fly in the ointment. Mars is in the fall in the 7th house of war. The period of Mars lasted from 1959 till 1966. The conflict in the area of Damascus, the Indo-Chinese War and the testing of the atomic bomb – that’s what’s brought Mars in those years.

the astrology chart of China d1

From September 25, 2019 begins the period of Mercury in exaltation in the 9th house. Let's count the defeats of this planet in the horoscope:

- retrograde,

- axis Rahu - Ketu,

- the neighborhood with Sun (the owner of the 8th house of turbulence),

- burned by Sun,

- the lack of favorable aspects.

In addition, Mercury (the owner of the 6th house) is in the 4th in Navamsha, which repeats the unfavorable combinations in the astrology chart of Japan, when their land was destroyed several times due to such a combination. I do not say that it will be the same here, but you can’t do without troubles during the period of Mercury.

The astrology chart of China d9

He is located in Nakshatra Hasta, which indicates success in the technical field, bringing to perfection the work, services, products. Hasta is primarily associated with manual labor, the production of things. So I have the highest expectations for technological progress - the Chinese will rise to such a level of mastery in production that hardly anyone will keep up with. Mercury will increase the external debt of China. I am not an expert in economics at all, it seems that it’s time to learn this. Then I would write to you the consequences of such growth, but for now I’ll just limit myself to the above).


During the period of Mercury there will be friction with territorial neighbors. Mercury aspects the 3rd house, being the ruler of the 6th house in D1.

the astrology chart of China d1

Pay attention to the affected 9th house. It seems that communism in the Middle Kingdom completely ruined the spiritual life of the country, there are so many negative things in the 9th house: the ruler of the 6th and 8th, the axis of Ketu - Rahu.

It is also worth noting the tendency of China to war. Such an ominous Mars in the fall in the house of war ... He aspects the ruler of the 10th house Venus. So, the power in China can be overthrown as a result of war or revolution. There is Maha Purusha Yoga and Raja Yoga in the house of power.

And when I look at D1, I directly believe that in China there is communism, or at least socialism. And that is all for people and their happiness.

But, if you look at D9, it becomes clear that this is a totalitarian regime, a military state with a very strict framework. A very important role plays military sector. It’s better not to joke with such a country.

The astrology chart of China d9

You see, Mars is in the 10th house of power? But he is the owner of the 8th house of misadventures. By the way, during the period of Mars there was the change of power in China, why - see the paragraph above. Mars in D1 aspects the 10th house of power and its ruler, and in D9 Mars points to the change of the leader being the ruler of the 8th house in the 10th .

The next such period is March 2028 - March 2029. We are waiting for a change of government and turbulence in the life of the country. There will be also either a military conflict or a revolution at this time. Mars, I think, will be stable in its inclinations to bring trouble)).


But let's see the near future.

Mercury until February 17, 2022 - violation of diplomatic relations, failure in world diplomacy. Stress in many areas of life.

February 17, 2022 - February 14, 2023 - the destruction of friendship with one of the countries, there may be a military conflict or a situation on the verge of war. Ketu, who is the owner of this period, is located in the Nakshatra of Mars, but I have written a lot about Mars).

February 14, 2023 - December 17, 2025 - a period of prosperity for China, the growth of prestige, the economy, and monetary well-being. Good luck in foreign affairs of the state, export, establishment of relations in the world political arena. Strong criticism of the authorities that will be suppressed.

December 17, 2025 - October 25, 2026 - I don’t know what it is, but it looks intimidating. Something like a natural disaster and danger to the life of a leader, all together. In any case, this is the period of the ruler of the 6th house, the sub-period of the ruler of the 8th house, and this period will be remembered as very difficult. However, the financial well-being of the country will not suffer.

October 25, 2026 - March 22, 2028 (Mercury - Moon) – the changes in the lands of China, a tendency to military tension, which will result in a military conflict in the years 2028-2029.

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