The astrology chart of France

Hello, everyone. Today is the turn of the astrology chart of France. If among you there are those who wanted to move there, this is especially important for you. I repeat many times the astrology chart on the page, so that it would be convenient for you to glance at it and read at the same time.

the astrology chart of France
the astrology chart of France

Surprisingly, but in France, the Sade-Satie period is well under way! Saturn is currently moving directly along the moon, symbolizing the people. And from January 2020 to April 2022 there will be the last part of this difficult period, which promises to be quite problematic.

We remember that in May 2017, Emmanuel Macron has been the President of France, and his term expires in 2022. It will be interesting to see if he becomes the President again.

Pay attention to the 10th house of power. Oh, how many planets are there! Mars, Mercury (ruler of the 8th house, by the way), Ketu and Venus. Only Venus is a benefactor here, the remaining planets are either malefics from nature, or they control malicious houses. It is close to them here, and I was struck by the fact that during the 20th century the government changed almost every year, or even more often! The president remained, but the whole parliament was shaken up regularly. In general, such a 10th house speaks of the complex relationships of the government apparatus. As it is said, what the hell!

the astrology chart of France

It is interesting, that Rahu in the 4th house persuades the people of France to be multinational. For many years, the population of France has been replenished with immigrants, when the birth rate inside the country is not enough to renew generations. In other words, the French degenerate and foreigners inhabit the country. So it should be with the position of Rahu in the 4th house. And with Mercury, the ruler of the 5th birth house, in an affected state in the 10th house. Well, with their Jupiter, which is next to Sun in the fall.

France’s neighbors are strong and warlike - the 3rd house of neighbors is under the control of a strong Mars.

This is a country of emancipation and female independence. Yes, Venus is incredibly impressed in this horoscope by the neighborhood with the ruler of the 8th house Mercury, Mars, Ketu and Rahu. Women's happiness is difficult to build.

the astrology chart of France

In wars, France tends to lose, if not de jure, then de facto for sure. The ruler of the 7th house of the war is in the fall (this is not a strong ruler of the 7th in the astrology chart of England with promises of victory in any dispute). Sun conjoins with Jupiter and damages it. In general, from the point of view of astrology, this is the controversial meaning of the people life, the lack of spiritual culture and a tendency to moral decay. Sorry, lovers of France.

February 3, 2021 the country enters the period of Saturn - Saturn. Against the background of Sade - Sati, my thoughts are gloomy. Saturn stands in the house of border clashes, military conflicts and tension. Manages a house of losses and espionage. Conclusion - the country will suffer from terror, a military situation and also from numerous floods and other natural disasters.

the astrology chart of France
Friendship with one of the neighbors will be destroyed and cause a lot of problems. Such a period will last until February 2024, but it will be especially stressful only until the summer of 2022, while Sade-Sati lasts.

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