The astrology chart of the United Kingdom

Hello everyone, welcome to the website of Astrology School Ashvini. Today we look at the astrology chart of Great Britain.

the astrology chart of the uk

I want to start directly with forecasting. Since December 24, 2012 to December 25, 2030 has been the period of Rahu, which stands in the 7th house. His dispositor is the exalted Jupiter, who aspects his own 7th house and Rahu with him. Rahu stands in the good Revati nakshatra under the direction of Mercury. Such Rahu gives material well-being and prosperity to the country. There is a small cloud in the sky - it stands in the house of war and is aspected by Jupiter, the ruler of the house of wars and confrontations.


Historical background:

- The First World War happened when the Jupiter - Ketu period went on in the astrology chart of Great Britain.

- Second World War - Saturn - Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. Jupiter became the period when the victory occurred. As you can see, Jupiter really causes war in this astrology chart, although it promises success.

the astrology chart of the uk

In addition to being the ruler of the house of wars, he is also aspected by the powerful Mars, the ruler of the 8th house of misfortunes and catastrophes. This is a classic combination of militancy - the quadrature of Jupiter and Mars, plus the aspect of one planet to another.

The British got really lucky with Jupiter. In the nakshatra of Pushya, amazing in its fertility and richness, whose symbol is the cow udder, oozing with milk. This Jupiter is in the house of the wealth of the people, and the parliament. This provides the British with solid political power and all the conditions for the country's prosperity.

the astrology chart of the uk the astrology chart of the uk

Of course, Jupiter, enriching the 11th house through wars, it’s an indication of the expansive nature of this state and profit as a result of military conflicts, conquered territories and colonies.

The moon in the 10th house of the ruler directly indicates that England is blessed with strong women - queens. Victoria, Elizabeth. I think this is not the last great woman in the rule of Great Britain, and there will still be queens - long-livers.


Let's get back to the forecasts.

the astrology chart of the uk

Until December 7, 2020 in the astrology chart of England is the period of Rahu - Saturn. It cannot be called successful, it can bring discord and confrontation in the political arena, a drawdown in economic growth (recession or crisis), and also negatively affects the country's success in political matters. In addition, Saturn gives losses in foreign lands, that is, in the colonies of England.

Why is that? Saturn is in the 12th house of losses and he is the ruler of the 6th house of conflicts and troubles. In addition, it is retrograde, and therefore harms more. He dissipates this energy of the 6th and 12th houses where he throws away aspects - into the 2nd house of the country's money, into the 6th house of conflicts and the 9th house of diplomacy and political successes abroad.

the astrology chart of the uk the astrology chart of the uk

Also, such a Saturn can give the ruler a loss, because in D9 chart he is also in the 12th house of losses, and controls the 10th house of the queen. Well, due to the fact that he is in the fall, my forecasts for the leader in this case are the worst.

From December 7, 2020 to June 25, 2023 - the period of Rahu - Ketu. This time will give a financial drawdown, strengthening of the parliamentary power, the high probability of a change of ruler (royal power). Why do both periods speak of the death of the queen? Most likely, because it will happen at the interface of 2 periods. Perhaps I will not reveal the rest of the secrets.

June 25, 2023 - July 13, 2024 - Rahu - Venus. Venus is well located in D1 and D9 charts, does not accept a single affected aspect, and is strengthened by the influence of the exalted Jupiter from the 11th house in the main chart. It will provide improved fertility, as well as favorable financial results, a way out of the crisis, new growth and economic recovery. While we will stop at this, do not forget to subscribe to YouTube channel of our school .