The astrology chart of Japan

Hello, everyone!

The last time I thought what was it wrong with you, Japan: nuclear bombing and half a million victims in 1945, then this is the tsunami in 2011.

The precarious situation of the Japanese

And you know that after this tsunami, Japan closed all Nuclear Power Stations (there were 5 of them), and now the country buys energy abroad? This has led to a slowdown in the economy and has been going on for 8 years. And most important thing, three (!!) nuclear reactors exploded in Fukushima. For comparison, only one blown up in Chernobyl, and then all of Europe to Sweden noted an increase in radiation. The situation is still complicated because the Japanese could not have come up with anything better than pouring water into the reactors. So it gathered about a million tons. And while it is simply stored in containers on the territory near Fukushima, it contains a fantastic amount of radiation!! There is practically no space left for storage, and water is still being poured, because reactors can operate for hundreds of years. No prefecture in Japan agrees to accept such valuable cargo for storage and bury, for example. And it is stored in the open air ...

It would seem that this is their problem ... Well, not really. Another tsunami or earthquake, and all this radioactive water will be washed into the ocean. And then we will fish in this ocean. And clouds will form over the ocean, and spread across the planet.

And if Japan poisons the oceans, it will be devoured by other countries. The country will be obliged to pay such fantastic compensation and spend so much on neutralizing the consequences that it seems that all Japanese will go into slavery to the Americans.

In short, the Japanese got scared and completely closed for themselves the topic of nuclear energy. I understand: they have very little territory, and now it’s also radioactive.

What else did the Japanese authorities do? Ha, rewrote the norms of radioactivity in the earth, water, products, raised the values like "For us this is a new level of radiation – it’s a rule. We will not have less during 400 years, so get used to it."

The astrology chart of Japan

гороскоп Японии

The 4th house shows territories and lands, and also describes the country's propensity for natural disasters. You won’t envy the Japanese.

On the one hand, Venus in exaltation shows that the country is marine, aquatic. It says that the Japanese are very proud of every inch of their land. Decorate it and have a very zealous character.

But Venus is the lord of the 6th house, and she is very strong. So the natural disasters that the 6th house represents will be strong, significant, and the enemies of the state can invade its territory. These may be forces of nature, but ... Other states may also.

In the 4th house, Mercury is in the fall, which speaks of the country's tendency to cataclysms. There is also an aspect from Saturn, which spoils the 4th house of territories and lands.

Predictions on the astrology chart of Japan

From September 2005 to September 2022, is the Mercury period . The planet is in a fall in the 4th house, and any eclipse in kendras makes this year incredibly dangerous, because then an earthquake or other natural disaster is coming.

Since 2005, every year there’s always something. Typhoons, mudslides and even fires.

Until the end of the Mercury period there will be sub-periods of Jupiter and Saturn . Jupiter until January 2020. This period will be prosperous, since Jupiter participates in a strong royal combination (Raja Yoga with Sun) in the 5th house.

But in January 2020 - September 2022 Saturn will enter the arena. Saturn has many defeats in all charts, and spoils the 4th house, what indicates a cataclysm. Saturn is also associated with a change of power in the country. This period will be unfavorable for natural conditions, but for the economy - excellent. Prosperity through production will grow!

The Mercury period is followed by the Ketu period from 2022 to 2029 . This planet is well located in the chart and promises prosperity. The planet is in his own constellation Magha and speaks of a prosperous period. I think very few things will threaten Japan in these years. Will shake, but not much.

In the period of Scorpio (2036-2037), some kind of cataclysm will happen again. It could be connected with the radioactive waste, the problem is quite relevant.

I wish the Japanese to avoid the tsunami.