Long life in the Natal chart of Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II became  queen regnant  on February 6, 1952 at the age of twenty-five. And now, after 67 years, the Queen is the oldest and longest-serving current head of state. How does longevity look like in the Natal chart? Let's see.


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Carl XVI Gustaf — the King of Sweden and his Queen


Carl XVI Gustaf, has been the King of Sweden for over 40 years. Having met Silvia in 1972, Carl had to change the procedure for marrying of the Swedish princes and princesses in order to create a family with his beloved. The couple have been together for 43 years. Let's find out from the Natal chart what awaits the royal couple in the future.

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Charlene Lynette Wittstock: Natal Chart and Predictions for Her


Charlene, Princess of Monaco, wife of Prince Albert II, Prince of Monaco - she is known as the most elegant and noble lady in Europe. Professional swimmer, performed at the Olympic Games in Sydney as part of the South African team.

Let’s consider the horoscope of this pretty woman and make predictions. Why was she called “a crying bride”?

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What fate awaits Kate Middleton?


The Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William is one of the main icons of the modern style and one of the most discussed members of the Royal Windsor family.

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Princess Beatrice's failed marriage and predictions on the natal chart


A new royal wedding has been announced in Britain: the Queen's 31-year-old grand-daughter Beatrice will marry Italian millionaire Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

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The Natal chart of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge


Queue to the throne. Who will inherit the crown after Elizabeth II?

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The Natal Chart of Meghan Markle - horoscope of M.Markle: divorсe or harmony in marriage?


Meghan Markle Natal chart: will she fit into the Royal family?

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Trump impeachment


Democrats are ready to begin the impeachment procedure of the president. Could Donald Tramp be impeached?

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The astrology chart of Japan


We are all used to perceive the Japanese as a hardworking, distinctive nation, and Japan as a country with a developed economy, high level and long life expectancy. However, this does not mean that there is no tension in the country in the same economic sphere, or environmental problems.

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The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn


In December 2020 there will be a conjunction of two celestial bodies - Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn . This is a major event for Mundane Astrology, which sets the tone for the next 20 years of life on the planet.

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The astrology chart of France


Today is the turn of the astrology chart of France. If among you there are those who wanted to move there, this is especially important for you.

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The astrology chart of China


When I look at the astrology chart D1 of China, I directly believe that in China there is communism, or at least socialism. And that is all for people and their happiness. But, if you look at the astrology chart D9, it becomes clear that this is a totalitarian regime, a military state with a very strict framework. What awaits the Middle Kingdom in the future?

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The Rahu period in human life: a complete analysis


Today we will talk about the Rahu period in Wimshottari Dasha and how to interpret it correctly. The Rahu period lasts 18 years. It is very important at what time of life this period fell.

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The astrology chart of the USA


Is the USA really a stronghold of democracy, civilization and freedom? What do the stars say about this in the astrology chart of a powerful superpower?

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The astrology chart of Canada


Canada is a powerful country that holds high positions in world rankings. And in general, an amazing country with a very rich nature, incredible landscapes and a high standard of living.

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The astrology chart of Italy


The sun, delicious cuisine, ancient murals directly on the walls of the street buildings. The atmosphere of antiquity and some languid relaxation. All this about beautiful Italy! But what does the astrology chart say about this country?

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The astrology chart of Russia


Let's talk about Mother Russia and her long-suffering astrology chart. Why is it prone to the reign of one person, and not to democracy? In the 10th house of power is Jupiter, a natural indicator of the king, unchanging. Although ... let's look at all the areas in order.

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Leader's assassination


How do you think is it possible to find out the fate by stars not only for the person, but also for the state? I know exactly that it is possible.

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The astrology chart of the United Kingdom


The British got really lucky with Jupiter. In the nakshatra of Pushya, amazing in its fertility and richness, whose symbol is the cow udder, oozing with milk. This Jupiter is in the house of the wealth of the people, and the parliament. This provides the British with solid political power and all the conditions for the country's prosperity.

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Death in the Natal Chart


Many astrologers avoid the prediction of death, because in order to predict death, you need to have a good understanding of astrology. It is important to be able to correctly interpret the position of the planets in dynamics rather than statics. It is also important to look at the positions of the planets from a bird's eye view, otherwise you will see death in the same horoscope almost every year.

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Pregnancy in the Natal Chart and how to predict it


How to see pregnancy in the horoscope (successful pregnancy, failed pregnancy, childbirth).

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The astrology chart of Germany and the coming storm


Once there comes the difficult period at each country . Germany is not an exception.

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