Carl XVI Gustaf — the King of Sweden and his Queen

Carl XVI Gustaf, has been the King of Sweden for over 40 years. Having met Silvia in 1972, Carl had to change the procedure for marrying of the Swedish princes and princesses in order to create a family with his beloved. The couple have been together for 43 years. Let's find out from the Natal chart what awaits the royal couple in the future.

Hi! I think you have noticed that I often make articles and videos about royal families on my blog. I like to consider their horoscopes and make public predictions, because such people are always in sight. The time and the date of birth of the members of royal families has been carefully recorded for many centuries, so you can test your ability to predict.

Today let's talk about the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf.

In this Natal chart, I see amazing combinations of power. This is the exalted Sun in the 10th house of power, together with Moon - the ruler of the 1st house.

Besides this Venus and Rahu are in the fruitful Taurus in the house of property. By the way, the wife of Carl Gustav is a foreigner, she was born in Germany and grew up in Brazil.

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There is also an exchange between the lord of the 1st house and the lord of the 10th house, which emphasizes the royal duty, that is a heavy burden on the person (Mars in Cancer is not to be envied). To-date (at the time of writing the article) the King is 73 years old, and I want to give you an example by his horoscope, how I define the time of death, when it is difficult to decide which period will become fatal. We will talk about the King’s wife — Silvia.

There will be a separate article about the dangerous period for the King himself. And now - about how the death of someone close looks like in the Natal chart of his loved ones.

During the Virgo period the King is likely to lose his wife. She is a few years older than he is, and by April 2025 she must leave this life.

Counting from Virgo in the 7th house debilitated Mercury sits, while Upapada Lagna is located right in the Lagna of this period, and Dara Karaka Moon is in the 8th house of death. Do not forget, that in analysing rashi (zodiac signs) periods of the horoscope, we must move the first house of the natal chart into a sign, whose period has begun.

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I think, this unpleasant event (the widowhood of the King of Sweden) will happen after Ketu period comes.

Here is the chart of the beginning of Ketu period in this horoscope:

It points to the loss of marriage - Dara karaka Moon moves to the 7th house, referring to important changes. The lord of the 7th house is debilitated in the house of death (8 house) along with the powerful Saturn. The aspect of Mars from the 12th house ... It will be very difficult for the Queen of Sweden to survive these years.

How to get such a chart? It is necessary to right click on any period of Vimshottari Dasha in the programme Jagannatha Hora and select the first item from the menu - build a map for the beginning of the period.

Now this will not be an easy task. Drop other things to do and try to focus. We analyze the Natal chart of the eldest daughter of the King Carl XVI Gustav Victoria, namely the divisional chart, responsible for the parents.

In the years, when the Queen must die, in the horoscope of their daughter Jupiter - Saturn period runs.

In the parents' chart D-12, both planets are in the 7th house of the marriage from the 9th house — that is in the house of the father’s marriage in the Crown Princess’s astro-chart. Jupiter rules the 6th house from the father's house, and Saturn is debilitated. This also indicates that Victoria’s father may be left alone until 2024.

And now to the Natal chart of the Queen Silvia herself.

Here is a chart of the Venus - Mercury period beginning, which is the most dangerous for her health and life.

The rulers of the 8th, 12th houses, as well as Rahu and Saturn, destroy the 1st house of health. Even if it is not death, which is unlikely, it is still a state on the edge between life and death.

I hope, that today a secret revealed about how the passing away looks like in the astrological chart of people close to a dying in future person.

We wish to the Queen Silvia good health and so that by some miracle she will get through the mark of 2025.

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