The astrology chart of Germany and the coming storm

Once there comes the difficult period at each country . Germany is not an exception.

Hello, everyone! The astrology chart of Germany and a mini-forecast for it is on today's agenda.

1. In the astrology chart of Germany the Sade Sati period will start from January 2020. This is always a serious test for the country. For example, when Sade Sati began in Russia, the sanctions tightened. Sade Sati lasts for 7.5 years, these years are considered as difficult.

2. From June 2019 begins the period of Mercury. This is a difficult period for the astology chart of Germany, as the planet will bring a change for the worse in relations with its closest neighbours, and will also have a negative effect on trade and the media. In general, Mercury is one of the weakest planets in this chart (together with Venus), so the country should expect crisis. When?

Astrologer's forecasts for Germany

3. Ketu Period (November 2021- November 2022) will be a turning point. It will bring unrest among the people, loud conflicts on a national basis and it will be the beginning of a financial crisis. It is also the time when the government will change and not too well: subsequent periods will bring major troubles into the country.

4. Venus Period: November 2022-September 2025 will be even worse. It represents the tendency of destroying the borders of the state, so I do not exclude that at this time there can be a split and separation of some parts of Germany.

гороскоп германии прогноз

5. Sun Period. In September 2025 - July 2026 in the astrology chart of Germany comes the period of the Sun. This is definitely a period of deep drawdown of the economy and the financial crisis of the country.

гороскоп германии прогноз

6. Moon Period. The year 2026-2027 is especially bad, which generally indicates a great threat for the state and its integrity. This is the period of the Moon, which is very affected by all possible pests in most divisional charts, which means the years 2026-2027 will be the worst in the last 30 years.

Well, we will be happy if it would be fulfilled to a minimum, but my opinion is that there will be a new Germany, with changed borders, national policy and power, and the old one will cease to exist.

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