The Natal Chart of Meghan Markle - horoscope of M.Markle: divorсe or harmony in marriage?

Meghan Markle Natal chart: will she fit into the Royal family?

Hello, everyone! My name is Tatyana Kalinina, and I am an astrologer, Head of the Astrology School Ashvini. Today we will talk about the Natal chart of Meghan Markle.

Natal chart of Meghan shows us that she is very devoted to family and her spouse because her Ascendent in Punarvasu Nakshatra. In the 1 house sits Sun – not good for health.

Meghan Markle Natal chart

04.11.2020 – 04.08.2021 Sagittarius sign period comes, so she’ll become a mother one more time. Putra Karaka Saturn aspects the 1st house of this period. But at that time might be one more problem pregnancy.

Meghan’s Atma Karaka - Venus in Leo sign – she is an actress from head to heel. Meghan Markle Natal chart In her 1 st house we see 3 planets of social-media activities. It’s energy gives Meghan a great desire for wealth, fame and material success.

Meghan Markle Natal chart d9

This is Meghan’s Navamsha (D- 9) Division Chart. Here Saturn sits very unusual in Aries but near to Raja yoga. But it shows a misfortune in marriage and that this marriage doomed to divorce.

Meghan Markle Natal chart d9

In the period of Venus she will be forced to leave home and leave the country. 19.06.2023 – 16.02.2026 it ‘ll happen, so it will be a time of discord with husband.

From 14.07.2022 spouse relationship will worsen. It will be Ketu period which sits in the 7th house and gives detachment in marriage.

Meghan Markle Natal chart

In Harry natal chart we see Venus in Virgo and this confirms an unfavorable prognosis for marriage. But we hope this family will stay strong.

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