The astrology chart of Russia

Let's talk about Mother Russia and her long-suffering astrology chart. Why is it prone to the reign of one person, and not to democracy? In the 10th house of power is Jupiter, a natural indicator of the king, unchanging. Although ... let's look at all the areas in order.

Let's talk about Mother Russia and her long-suffering astrology chart. Why is it prone to the reign of one person, and not to democracy? In the 10th house of power is Jupiter, a natural indicator of the king, unchanging. Although ... let's look at all the areas in order.


The first house shows the state of the nation and the country as a whole. Here Mercury is connected to Sun, it is burned. The nation is slightly connected with the 12th house (everything foreign is prestigious, different from the traditional one. There is heavy dependence on the opinion of foreigners, the country does not rely on its own resources. And although there are enough resources in the country, they flow enthusiastically to the foreigners. Funds disappear in the pockets of the elected.

The second house shows the gross product of the country, the mainstay of the economy. Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars - all of them give their influence on this sphere. These are underground resources (Saturn), and engineering, the defense sector (Mars + Saturn), and the services and tourism sector (Venus). Jupiter has not yet revealed its full potential, since it can provide developed diplomacy, support for trade relations and huge international trading business empires.

Mars can also give much more than the Russians have: a strong military sector, production technologies that can be sold abroad.

There is nothing to say about Venus: it shows the cultural level, and in Russia since 1990, Venus has been frankly badly located, talking about the decline of culture and morality in society. But it can give Russia a lot of money through the development of tourism, art and cultural heritage.

The moon in the astrology chart of Russia shows the well-being and the character of the people. It is located with two neighbors - Rahu and Saturn. Rahu speaks about the multinationality of Russians, as well as the addiction to intoxication. And this is not only alcohol. It also shows that people do not live well, since Rahu is a natural indicator of poverty in the horoscope. Saturn speaks about resilience of the character and that people can endure much. Also, that a person needs little for happiness, a rather unpretentious and undemanding people in Russia. Also not very consistent, wasting himself.


Media and trade ... In the astrology chart of Russia, the media sphere receives the influence of Mars in Pisces. This says about double standards and control in the above-mentioned areas. Russia's trade relations are more like military ones). The lands of Russia are very prosperous. Here it is possible to predict only expansion, wealth from the land, sustainable integrity of the country. Thanks to centralized authority and tsarism. Without this, this integrity would not exist.

Diplomacy is suffering in Russia; it is becoming too rigid and inflexible. Show business, sports, business ... it is booming only that what is connected with the bowels of the earth. Show business and national culture are surrounded by 2 pests, Rahu and Saturn. I would like to turn off Galkin, Baskov and others like them. The tax apparatus, fiscal services, funds and control and oversight bodies in the horoscope of the country are well developed and are in close relationship with the ruler.


Russian military affairs are activated from time to time. But in general, Russia is hot-tempered at the beginning, but sluggish in the process of military conflicts. And it is very dependent on the circumstances, does not lead. The next time military affairs are relevant in the years of 2023-2024. Military affairs do not ruin the economy, but rather can become a source of income for the country. But trade and business are spoiled by military affairs. In general, it cannot be said that in the future Russia will have many wars. I think short conflicts are possible, but not large-scale.

Disasters and catastrophes in Russia are technogenic and rarely natural. Mass troubles and crises occur through the fault of Venus ... Look for a woman. But how it will be played ... It’s not Merkel here in the horoscope that is so honorably shown. To reduce unrest, the institution of marriage and the family should be encouraged. The female half of the Russian people is in poor condition (my friends, I'm talking about the horoscope and the eyes of an astrologer, I would not like to offend anyone). This forms the unflattering image of a Russian woman in the world community.

With legislation in general, everything is not so bad. Legislation is fully consistent with the needs of the authorities, and not other structures. Business is in opposition to the law. Don’t you like it? To the exit! The 12th house is open, border too.


Oh, how much can be said about this! In general, this is tsarism. Well, okay, it could be worse, for example, as in Ukraine, where the house of power is so struck that there is no hope for stability. Right there we see an ongoing basis. But, we do not complain.

The clergy plays a big role. More than we expect. But it’s direct in the spirit of Russian culture, to unite peoples by faith and to promote humility and non-violence. Since the time of Vladimir, the Red Sun, in Russia, the clergy has been a pillar of political power and an assistant. So nothing new.

Parliament ... But here, by the way, in the horoscope of Russia there are indications that it should be reduced to a minimum. Parliament can be a source of betrayal. The allies of Russia are mind of their own, they are thinking how to grab a barrel fatter. Well, and prisons, crime, property abroad and deportation ... Nothing so criminal, except that this house is ruled by Sun. Anyway, blooming.


Venus. September 2017 - September 2020 is a time of growth in art and culture, Russia can give the world culture something original, and thereby earn admiration of the whole world. The crisis of power, the shaken position of power. Environmental problems. The deterioration of foreign trade relations. A base is being prepared for the financial crisis. In the meantime, the legislative power will change significantly.

Reduced life expectancy is also predicted. At this time, even if it’s strange to hear, Russia will seek partnerships to find a shoulder with which to go side-by-side on the world stage.

In general, from January 2020 to March 2022 there will be the most active part of the Sade-Sati period, and it negatively affects the people. So the depth of the fall is maximum precisely in these 2, 5 years.

Sun. September 2020 - July 2021 - the time of the financial crisis. Get ready now, the ruble will collapse. Where is more? And you remember the joke about the pessimist and optimist. 1. Won't be worse! 2. No, it will be! The horoscope points to option 2 :).

Moon. July 2021 - January 2023 – the changes in the parliament and the environment of the president, significant rearrangements. And you know what ... There are also indications that foreign interference will occur in the Russian lands. Here in the horoscope of Ukraine in a similar period, enemies entered the country and formed the DNR. The period is also bad for the economy, the crisis continues. Foreign trade is very depressed.

Mars. January 2023 - February 2024 - the period of relative adjustment of the financial condition of the country. The inflow of money through the military sector and profits from foreign partners. I don’t know who, but there is a creditor.

From February 2024 to April 2026 - a change of government. In the personal horoscope of V.V.P. is career-ending in October 2024-2026.

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