The astrology chart of the USA

Is the USA really a stronghold of democracy, civilization and freedom? What do the stars say about this in the astrology chart of a powerful superpower?

Hello! Today is the first time we are going to analyze the astrology chart of the USA. We will look at it a few more times, then to make judgments on the prognostic.

This time I prefer to analyze the astrology chart in western tradition.

the astrology chart of the USA

Saturn in the first house: very strongly located in Libra. These are corporations, regulatory bodies, and local governments (that is, state governments). He is in a quadrature, tense aspect to Sun, the main ruler of the country and its executive office. There is a chronic tension between the center and the peripheral authorities, and there is also tight control by the president.

Moon and Mars : this harmonious interaction of the 10th and 7 th houses speaks of national politics through expansion, the establishment of military power abroad and profit-making, war- readiness and the fact that it enriches the country and its ruler. Military affairs are associated exclusively with profit, interest in a business environment. This, by the way, is the only aspect of Moon.

Moon and the people : Moon is in Aquarius, which indicates the freedom-loving nature of the nation, its national inequality. The aspect of Mars gives some bloodthirstiness and a passion for the show - reprisals, battles, demonstrations of power. What people, such a ruler :). Also Moon in the 5th house shows the main sphere of life for the people. These are show business, gambling, business and investment. And ... Competition! The Americans like it, as it gives them better living conditions. That's just this Saturn in the first house gives not only the good: he hangs like a sword of Damocles over each inhabitant, driving into the rigid structure of life. Either the control authorities, or this is the credit philosophy of life ... But the mood is not relaxed, that's for sure!

Mars and Neptune : Mars in the map is beaten by a quadrature from Neptune. Oh how much it gives. Starting from sexual innovations and deviations in society, and ending with blind fanaticism, defending false ideals and cunning of US policy. What is inside the country, what is outside. But what’s for sure - they really consider themselves a superpower and the idea of US superiority over the whole world is flourishing in the country. Hello Adolf.

By the way, Neptune is in the astrology chart in the 12th house in Virgo. This planet shows the ideas of an ideal society for a given country. In the case of just this situation, it’s ideal to build everything in favor of enrichment, trade, the spread of intellectual power, and focus on the best minds working and working in the USA. Neptune, by the way, indicates that although there is oil in the country, its main sources are in the 12th house and 9th. That is, from abroad.

What does it point to the astrology chart of super-Power?

Jupiter and Saturn in signs of their exaltation. This speaks of the greatness and wealth of the country.

Its strengths are defense power (since the exalted Jupiter controls the 6th house of armaments), control authorities and "security forces". Also strong sport, the country's investment life. What to say about the lands and integrity of the country: it will not be violated, and will only spread further, adding new territories to itself.

Financial system and population policy

The owners of the 5th and 11th houses are in a quadrature, in tense aspect. Rahu is at Cusp of the 11th treasury house. This, I think, describes the fact that the US currency is not provided with specific values, such as gold or other resources. Money is printed, but they have no background. Also, the ruler of the 11th house of Sun is under pressure from Saturn, which also creates tension in the US financial system.

Another trouble with children in the country and population policy. Ketu is in the 5th house, the tense aspects of the ruler ... The country is not loyal to children and parenthood.

By the way, America entered the Rahu period in summer 2018. But what it brings, I will tell in part 2 about America. Follow the news in our accounts on social networks.

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