The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

In December 2020 there will be a conjunction of two celestial bodies - Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn . This is a major event for Mundane Astrology, which sets the tone for the next 20 years of life on the planet.

December 21, 2020, at 21:10:42 there will be a conjunction of two celestial bodies - Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn . This is a major event for Mundane Astrology, which sets the tone for the next 20 years of life on the planet. This conjunction is special, as it occurs in one of the key signs of the Zodiac - Capricorn.

Each country will have its own events. Read this article to the end to find out what happens after the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December 2020!

Now let's see the astrology chart of conjunction.

conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

It is significant that all heavenly benefactors are ruined in this map. Jupiter is struck by the sign and being so near to Saturn. Venus is on the axis of Rahu and Ketu. Moon is in conjunction with Mars. Sun is in the 6th house, along with Mercury, the owner of the 3rd and 12th house. Mercury is in a planetary war with Sun and is losing. Both luminaries are afflicted. The year will be difficult. This is typical for periods when states are experiencing major troubles and a revision of power (Sun), and people take responsibilities for that (Moon).

Sun squared to moon is a conflict of power and people, rejection of the policies of the leadership, opposition, inconsistency of authorities’ decisions with people’s life, disagreement with the new laws on the part of the masses. Sun squared to Mars – violent conflicts for power or the assertion of power through military action (the most likely place for the manifestation of this energy is Ukraine, Germany).

Moon in the chart of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is very struck by Mars, Saturn, the weakness of its dispositor and is in the nakshatra of malefic, Uttara Bhadra, whose symbol is the back of the catafalque. Not fun, is it? And me. This is a symbol that the world will see many human victims in the next 20 years.

What will the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter bring to different countries

India - the conjunction occurs in the 9th house of the chart. This conjunction for India will open a new period of problems. Soon Ra will enter Rohini. Jupiter is in the fall at the 9th house - religious conflicts. In the astrology chart of India the significant period is the second half of 2021 until the end of 2022. The growth of respect of the authority and probably re-election. There is also the possibility of attacks on civilians and religious conflicts in 2022.

india conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

England - the 5th house of the chart is involved in conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. From late 2020 to June 2023, England will experience failures in relations with neighboring countries and in trade. And from the summer of 2023 to the summer of 2024 there will be some negative event that will affect the integrity of the UK. I think this will be the secession of some countries which are under the protectorate of England.


Russia - the 5th house. Against the background of the heat of Sade - Sati, I do not think that the impact will be positive. This is the 8th house from the house of power, and therefore the power will change for some time, but do not hurry to rejoice, in Putin's natal chart there are favorable combinations that will work until 2028-2029, and therefore it is too early to rejoice. The power will change, but the successor will be a decoy. Maybe Medvedev again. Legislative changes, and likely reforms of the religious sphere.


Belarus - the 2nd house. Hi, crisis. The period of the retrograde Saturn will begin in the chart of Belarus in the summer of 2020, and this is the restructuring of the country's financial system.


Ukraine - the first house. It seems to me that for many years Ukraine has been on the gospel word. And now she has a weak president who does not have the qualifications of a leader. He cannot handle the sharks of European politics, which is why he will smoothly leak Ukraine’s position on the world stage. Probably, soon after the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn Zelensky will lose power. If he holds out until December 21, 2020.


France - the 12th house. They also have the return of Rahu in 2022. In the spring of 2022, there will be the presidential election. A change of power is very visible, and judging by the natal chart of Emmanuel Macron, a second term is not expected, since the period from December 2019 to December 2025 is very unfortunate. Failures can await the president on the road and there is a health risk.

the astrology chart of France

Canada - the 11th house. The change of power until April 2021, the change of the queen is especially likely at this time and even more likely - before the end of 2020. Difficult years for the Prime Minister of the country J. Tudo (about the astrology chart of Canada with forecasts read the link ), as well as for parliamentary power in general. Destructive years are from 2021 to 2024, during which there will be a major event that negatively affects the power in the country, the land and the demographic situation, as well as the finances of the country. The oil with which Canada keeps afloat will either depreciate along with other resources traded by the country, or the market will shrink. In general, it will be difficult 3-4 years.


Germany - the 7th house. The conjunction promises civil war and unrest, the popular discontent and from November 2022 to September 2025 during the Venus period the situation will reach its peak. Read about the astrology chart of Germany with forecasts using this link . germany

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