The Rahu period in human life: a complete analysis

Today we will talk about the Rahu period in Wimshottari Dasha and how to interpret it correctly. The Rahu period lasts 18 years. It is very important at what time of life this period fell.

Greetings! My name is Tatyana Kalinina, and I am an astrologer, Head of the Astrology School Ashvini. Today we will talk about the Rahu period in Wimshottari Dasha and how to interpret it correctly. The Rahu period lasts 18 years. It is very important at what time of life this period fell.

Rahu period at different ages

The Rahu period in childhood means that childhood will not be completely happy, it will be filled with anxieties, moving and changes in parental relationships, a change of schools and the need to constantly adapt to a changing world. A man will see the cruelty of the world and its insecurity. If the Rahu period fell on childhood, with a high probability Moon of this person is in the nakshatra Ardra (Gemini), Swati (Libra), Satabhishe (Aquarius). And these are complex nakshatras that give difficulties in mother’s fate. Well, then everything is according to Freud: an anxious mother, a lack of love or its oversupply, the formation of complexes and so on.

the rahu period

When the Rahu period falls on youth, this suggests that this youth will be stormy. Probably there will be an unhealthy lifestyle and constant attempts to give stability to your life. But work will change, like people nearby, partners, circumstances. This arrangement of the Rahu period on the timeline of a person’s life gives periods of parties and other dubious hobbies. However, even if Rahu is well aspected, it does not give a calm take-off in the main areas of life: alcoholism does not threaten a person, but instability - it will definitely be!

The Rahu period in adulthood (from 40 years and older) gives a rethinking of the whole previous life, a feeling that the person did not live his own life. He tries to “return to himself”, find his personality, and often achieves material and career success. Often, marriage among adult owners of the Rakhu period is going through hard times. Despite the fact that it is easier for an adult and a committed person to live in the Rahu period, it can give diseases and health complaints.

Rahu period in the natal chart: what does it mean

Rahu is a demonic planet, and this is characterized by the fact that his Wimshottari period will persuade a person to manifest defects of his character. He will rush to new goals with the obsession of a madman, when both logic and rationality can retreat a couple of steps back. A person can be tormented by multidirectional desires, and will not endure even a little - he needs everything at once, and better - yesterday!

Rahu is a fake planet that has no body. It manifests itself in moments of eclipses, when the shadow of the Earth creeps onto the Moon. And therefore, the results that Rahu gives can often be compared with the eclipses of the stars, because these results are fleeting and leak through your fingers.

Rahu during his period of Wimshottari Dasha shows where dreams lead and what a person can achieve by following his blind passions and indulging internal impulses, not comparing his goals with the outside world and people.

In general, Rahu is the embodiment of egoism, which does not want to go into the feelings of other people. He sees the goal and longs for it. And therefore, a person becomes more rough, self-centered, closed, strange, impulsive.

The positive results of the Rahu period in the Natal chart

If Rahu is positively located in the Natal Chart (it will be described below), then it gives material success, financial prosperity, privileged position and exclusivity. It’is tend to give success, which can be assessed by clear and understandable criteria, very explicit and obvious.

This is not spiritual development that is difficult to touch. Rahu will give money, property, a source of income, and all these things. Also, the Rahu period, when this planet is located well, gives quick success, quick and easy achievement of the desired. It works as a catalyst for processes in destiny.

The Rahu period in a man’s life gives a dubious status in society, or a man cannot stay at the same social level, lacks luck and stability. This does not apply to a well-located Rahu.

The Rahu period in a woman’s life often does not give marriage or marriage gives a crack, periods of poor personal life.

But the work is usually well done. The Rahu period rarely gives children to a woman, but it increases hysteria even in those who have very little of it. Rahu in his period makes a woman too categorical and gives big requests for what kind of person should be next to her.

How to assess the position of Rahu in the Natal Chart

To assess the position of Moon’s north Node, many factors need to be put together:

- Rahu's neighbors and their character. If the North Node is connected to Jupiter or another kindly planet, very favorable results can be expected from it. If he is combined with pests like Mars, Saturn, Sun or a falling planet, even cobras will envy his viciousness.

- The dispositor of Rahu (his character, position in the sign and very important - the position in the house from Lagna). The dispositor, that is, the planet that controls the sign where Rahu stands, decides a lot. Rahu can give his results in the period or sub-period of the Wimshottari, in accordance with the position of its ruler. That is, we simply mentally shift our eyes to the Rahu dispositor and indicate 80% of the events and energy that will manifest during the Rahu period.

- It is even important how many houses from Rahu to his dispositor. The best option is 1, 5, 9 houses. A favorable option is 4, 7, 10. The worst option is 2, 6, 8, 12 houses from Rahu to the dispositor. The position of the dispositor in a certain house from Rahu shows which area of life to expect difficult karmic situations for, through which Rahu will call a person to illusions and longings.

- Nakshatra in which Rahu stands. In general, the nature of the nakshatra will show the mood of a person during the Rahu period. Stop at this moment and analyze your past. Is there a connection between the way you spent the last sub-period or the Rahu period and the characteristics of the nakshatra in which it is located?

the rahu period

- The position in the house and the sign of the ruler of Nakshatra, in which Rahu is located. This is as important as the position of the dispositor. Let it not bother you that the data on these two points may be contradictory and not add up to a single picture. This is exactly Rahu - scattered, multifaceted and eventful.

- Aspects of good and evil planets on Rahu. This greatly affects his character. Rahu is best influenced by Mercury and Jupiter, although Venus and Moon are also good. However, Venus and Moon will give a storm of emotions, creativity and many romantic adventures, when both Jupiter and Mercury control the energy of Rahu and bring the owner of the Natal Chart to life, giving reasonableness and a chance for great success. The aspects of Mars and Saturn on Rahu have a very negative effect on the health of the owner of the natal chart and give a high risk of injuries, operations and violence during the Wimshottari period of Rahu.

So we have put a puzzle pieces together of what energy this shadow planet carries in itself, and which sides it will turn to a person in its own period. Now let’s see how to predict the events of the Rahu period by Wimshottari Dasha.

What gives the period of Rahu in the Natal Chart

Let’s discuss the general results of the Rahu period and its sub-periods.

Rahu - Rahu

The Rahu period - the sub-period of Rahu - sharp and global turns in fate, a person turns to the sphere where Rahu stands, sets many plans, becomes ambitious. This is the time for the study of the karmic sphere, from which one cannot get out. Great chance of moving, or episodic travel, the desire to learn new cultures, a new philosophy, religion, etc. Around a person there are often many foreigners.

Rahu - Jupiter

During the Rahu period, the sub-period of Jupiter - dissatisfaction with one's social position, the desire for honouring and power, respect and the desire to gain wealth may be characteristic for a person who goes through the Rahu-Jupiter period. At this time, there may be conflicts with authorities, as well as sharp turns in a career. Rahu - Jupiter often gives parenthood and generally persuade a person to success, being one of the favorable sub-periods during the Rahu period.

Rahu - Saturn

The Rahu period, the sub-period Saturn - a time when a person can suffer from weakness and acute state of chronic diseases. There will be tests for patience, the ability to maintain authority and power, the ability to be concentrated and hardworking. A person will work hard to achieve what he wants, but the results will be late, although they tend to be stable and reliable. A period of trouble in love.

Rahu - Mercury

The Rahu period - Subperiod Mercury is a good subperiod in the 18 year Rahu period. A person wisely approaches his goals, plans to achieve them, uses logic. He makes useful acquaintances, is engaged in travel and communication, shows abilities in history, the humanities and writing. It is easy to learn and develop at this time.

Rahu - Ketu

The Rahu period - sub-period of Ketu - a person remains isolated and alone, he watches how life passes by him. This is a time for immersion into oneself, one’s self-development and a period of recovery, accumulation of forces, and not for active actions. There is a danger of deception and theft of property, as well as conflicts and other situations of tension, confrontation and dissatisfaction with the honesty of others.

Rahu - Venus

The Rahu period - the subperiod of Venus - this period gives a desire to find a partner in life, and almost always gives marriage to single people. If a person is already married, during the Rahu - Venus period, a new passion may appear for him, for which he will be able to leave his first family. In any case, changes in family life are inevitable.

Rahu - Sun

The Rahu period- subperiod of Sun - at this time a person tries to change his social status, to prove himself and stay closer to a successful class of people. At this time, emotions are fading into the background, and ahead is a chance of fate for the realization of oneself in society. A person seeks power, publicity, can put forward his candidature for a leadership position. He can attract attention by scandals and antics.

Rahu - Moon

The Rahu period - the sub-period of Moon - a time when important changes in the life of a mother can occur. Also at this time, a person is vulnerable from the point of view of psychological health, anxiety, fears and self-doubt may manifest. A man seeks support in the form of a strong leader, is ready to follow him. He rejects the experience of his people and society, he is good among strangers and foreigners. A person can become an outcast or be blamed for the shortcomings of his work and personality.

Rahu - Mars

The Rahu period - the sub-period Mars is one of the most difficult sub-periods of Rahu, when a person often comes to the destruction of many of his undertakings, is in crisis and a feeling of change. At this time, Rahu takes away all the illusory, leaving the person only with the true. However, the Rahu period –sub-period of Mars is favorable for the purchase of real estate and other operations with large property. Important! These results will appear if the planets are not in the fall, are not affected, and are not the rulers of the 6th, 8th, 12th houses.

What events will Rahu give in his period of Wimshottari

the rahu period

To evaluate the events that will occur during the Rahu period and the subperiods of other planets, remember the following:

- Rahu works as his dispositor and as the owner of Nakshatra,

- Rahu gives changes to all the houses that he aspects,

- Rahu gives events in the lives of those people whose moving karaki is aspecting (Putra karaka - giving birth to a child or an important stage of an already born child, Matri karaka - events at the mother or changing a house, etc.).

- Rahu is saturated with the energy of the planets from which it takes an aspect or is connected.

- You should evaluate the influence of Rahu in each divisional chart to see the nuances (D4 for real estate, D9 for marriage, D10 for work, etc.).

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