Trump impeachment

Democrats are ready to begin the impeachment procedure of the president. Could Donald Tramp be impeached?

Trump impeachment: will it happen or not?

Let’s consider Donald Trump Natal Chart. From March 3, 2018 till September 16, 2020 Dasha of Saturn and Mahadasha of Jupiter and Antardasha of Saturn lasts.

trump impeachment

Saturn – the 6th Lord of enemies in the 12th house of losses and conjuncted with the 10th Lord. It shows problems with President status in this period.

But next period is very good – Mercury shows success and popularity. It’s in his own sign in the 11 th house of wealth, fulfillment of desires and goals achievement.

Rashi Dasha is Taurus now till 17/10/19. Here we consider Dara Karaka and the 7th house (for politics shows changes in reputation and public opinion). The 7th house from Taurus is heavily afflicted by Moon in Scorpio and Saturn and Venus aspects. Venus makes harm because it is Gnati Kataka (enemies, disputes).

trump impeachment

Disputes and impeachment probability is clearly seen in Trump’s Natal chart. The 10 th house from Taurus (Aquarius) is saspected by Venus (Gnati Karaka) and Saturn (Dara Karaka) without Kings combination of Raja Yoga.

But I think he will stay on as president. Why? trump impeachment

Next period of Aries from 17/10/2019 shows success in the 10 th house of work and status. Mars, Moon and Sun makes 3 Raja Yogas (King combinations). Soon Trump will be very successful and has every chance to run for a second term.

So, Good Luck, Mister President

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